FOX 2 Meteorologist Jessica Starr passes away – Detroit Video

FOX 2 Meteorologist Jessica Starr took her own life, the station announced Thursday. Editor’s note: If you’re feeling suicidal or having suicidal thoughts, help is available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can also click here for more information and help.


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  1. I'm very sad for her family & friends. It's really hard mentally when your going thru depression. It's a feeling that haunts you day & night .

    I myself suffer from depression & it's hard dealing with this feeling. To be honest even when you talk to people about how your feeling it doesn't stop the feelings or the thoughts of suicide. Most people thinks it's just a mood that comes & goes.
    But it's a nagging mood that stays with you every minute & second of the day.

    I'm a blk female & the only advice I get from my family is to pray & things will get better.

    People ignore the fact that while prayer is good . Sometimes people need more than that. They actually needs medication & a therapist.

    The only thing that keeps me from suicide is that I have a 14 yr old son that I would like to see finish school & raise him to be a well developed young man of society.

    If not for him I would have killed myself a while ago. The thoughts are there in my head every day.
    It's a battle not to give in.

    I take my meds faithfully & see my therapist everyday.

    I am in a constant battle mentally to stay alive.

    People are not always friendly or helpful when you come to them about being depressed or suicidal.
    She gave into her thoughts. It's very easy to give in.

    People give in because they want the pain to stop.

    I feel sad for her & her family but I understand that she wanted her pain to stop.

    I'm a incest survivor . I was also raped & I was abused when I was younger. These issues are a constant battle in my head.

    You want to forget forget but you can't. Nor can you move on.
    I wish her family well.
    For all the people like me that suffer from depression.

    Please get help !
    Don't give up.
    See a doctor & take your medication.

    I know you want the pain to stop but please don't give up living.

    Merry Christmas
    Everyone. May God bless us all.

    Fyi : my name is Christine …

    I just wanted to tell you all my thoughts. From one suicidal persons point of view.

  2. The most selfish move ever I hope she rots in hell.
    I feel sorry for her husband and her children.
    I'm glad she's gone the world is better off without her fucker

  3. Depression is only brought among you.
    I live alone I love to be alone I have nobody to answer to these fucking people because they marry they want the perfect family perfect house. You guys bring a Pont depression on yourself.
    I don't give a shit I live with myself I am myself I don't want none of that shit and I fucking happy

  4. To begin with…
    The media is all programmed.
    Its all scripted.
    Especially when they be Glitching from the MK Ultra.
    I honestly think there is more to the story that they aren't saying.
    It don't make sense.
    Has kids a family and around this time. I don't buy the story.
    Just like celebrities that die by suicide or overdose when its the Hollywood star whackers Randy Quaid calls them.
    Do the research. The illuminati control the media, Hollywood, everything in this fake world.

  5. So,so sad! Depression is awful, I know. I got help (meds) and it was the best thing I ever did. Go get help, please!!

  6. Those poor children…oh gosh…

  7. This is devastating for family and friends. We've lost so many wonderful people from this symptom. So sad.

  8. There's not always help. People like me don't matter, maybe because we don't have children and are not married. Whatever the reason, there's not always help.

  9. She was taking anti-depressants . . . BAN seratonin reuptake inhibitors!!! . . . (same medications taken by most all mass shooters).

  10. What a tragedy . Truly sorry for the loss
    Tht being said this whole words hurt idea is bullshit .
    Words can hurt a child maybe but only because a child mind is underdeveloped and they have little to no ability of self reliance or ability to understand words have no real ability to hurt .
    Adults simply do not have this excuse .
    Living requires a thicker skin . It does not require sweetness or the lack of name calling.
    Who gives a shit what someone else thinks abt anything .
    For example . The views and opinions of this comment will not cause my heart to break nor will I experience 1 second of discomfort.
    The simple truth is life is hard at times life is easy at times . Some will like us others will hate us . As it has always been .
    And how it will always be .
    Suicide is no answer or excuse . Sorry , I'm no fan of excuses .
    Whoever told anyone we have to be happy 100% of the time .
    Life has to be accepted and dealt with . Period end of story .
    Suicide is a completely selfish act and a solution to nothing .
    It is the creator of more pain only .
    I understand the loss factor but its the family tht is paying for this act of selfishness noone else .

  11. Nellie Zamacona I pray that things will get better and this depression will lift off you and you can fully enjoy every moment of your life. Life is very precious. When I was really really struggling I would hear hold on and I did. I still have moments but I keep holding on.

  12. depression is a killer….you never know what a person is going through… This is heartbreaking and leave so many questioning what they could have done…

  13. Newswoman seemed genuinely touched. Terribly sad. I get it, but I fight it. Hard. Thought, prayers and strong vibes being sent to her loved ones. ??❤??❤??❤??❤

  14. You gotta be nuts to trust your eyesight to lasik. Too many horror stories!

  15. Depression is really real. I know, because I am one who walks around and I do not look like my situation. However, I have seeked out for help and is on meds. My problem stimulated from postpartum depression and tradegy in my life and as I have gotten older and entering into premenopausal stage of life, depression has hit me big time. I am learning to take one day at a time. I am determined to get over this.

  16. There are people truly all alone in this world and struggle daily as to what the purpose is to continue. God bless this young womans family.

  17. It's obvious looking at those pictures of Jessica Starr that she was mentally ill — you can see it in her eyes.

  18. One of her major reports was her report of the Clinton's. It was a major hit and success!

  19. You know I think we all need to realize the none of our lives in this universe is perfect. But we are just human beings. And to everybody that's reading this you don't live in Hollywood. And remember none of their lives are perfect either. We're only here for just a little while. Compared to the galaxies above us. Just take one minute at a time enjoy that minute and no matter what. that you think that is stressing you out it's not who you are. Let It Go if it's heavy on your heart talk to somebody. Even if it's just shooting the breeze connect with someone if you need to. And if you need to just go and be quiet and sit in a moment and not think of anything just be at peace with yourself and think of happy things and you do that too. Thank you for those that have read this I wish you the best in life and just remember live in the moment enjoy your family and your friends. And I promise you it'll all work out and tomorrow will be different God bless you♥️

  20. Bipolar (Manic Depression) is the illness most at risk for Suicide. Hemingway, Curt Cobain, and probably Chris Cornell, all had it. Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland took their lives with deliberate, or semi-deliberate, overdoses.

  21. ?? please God bless her and her family my heart hurts right now

  22. Fox 2 Detroit reported this sad story of Jessica's suicide on Thursday morning, they said they knew about it the night before…who inform them? Jessica's family, police, a family friend? Is there more information on this story just not being released yet?
    Condolences to the family…


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