sleeping on the streets of DETROIT – Detroit Video

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One of the things we’ve learned over the last couple of years of living in a van is that most places aren’t NEARLY as scary as they can sometimes seem to be. One of those places (we think) is Detroit and we wanted to test out sleeping on the streets to see how much it lives up to the hype.


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  1. You guys should try eating fermented garlic instead of raw. It’s much easier and more palatable. And even better for you than raw. You ferment it in raw honey. There are lots of YouTube videos on it. You can also eat the honey when sick or in cooking. It just takes a mason jar, honey and several garlic heads.

  2. Your relationship is amazing. I adore you guys. The warm song. Stuck in this truck song. #RelationshipGoals

  3. I did not know there was anyone still living in Detroit I winder if anyone living in a vehicle has ever had someone try braking into there car well they where sleeping

  4. Funny anyway, before bed I probably go to pee a thousand time without a bathroom I could go crazy in a van. 🙂 nice video guys!

  5. I am not from Detroit. But, I am a little offended. Crime can happen anywhere.

  6. I leave a like and watch the whole video to show support!°°

  7. I think the good properties in garlic come out more when you chop it and let it sit for a few mins. If you still eat honey, people mix it in and take like that.

    Also, you are the Musical Matneys!

  8. The soup looked delicious…I’ve been eating a lot of soup…..Got a bad cold so I’ve been doing chicken broth with celery and chicken&vegetable dumplings soup…I like it.

  9. I go to Red Wings games (from Canada) every week. Detroit is awesome! Yeah it's got some rough spots like every city but everyone has always been so nice and accommodating!

  10. I lived 15 minutes outside of Detroit my whole life. (Just moved in April to TX) If you want a cool experience in the area, go to Dearborn Heights. It has the highest population of Muslims outside of the middle east. The mosques are beautiful and the Arabic food is amazing! Detroit also has an African American museum that is beyond anything I have ever seen!! It is so well done. Its pretty cheap to get in even if your not a Michigan resident. Be safe & have fun!

  11. If you come through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, let us know.

  12. I don’t know much about Detroit – are there many abandoned areas like the art installation made? Same with the US in general?

  13. Just outside of Detroit in Bloomfield Hills. Welcome…

  14. This should have been called, "how cold is it in Detroit!"

  15. You guys past right through my city to get to Detroit!!! D:

  16. Next time you’re in Michigan check out Flint! ✋?

  17. Title and thumbnail are kinda offensive. You’re not “living in the streets”, you’re in a well built, expensive and comfortable van. You’re not homeless! It’s really annoying that you felt the need to exaggerate and mislead just so you can get some clicks…

  18. I agree with you on that – everywhere has a danger element, but I find areas of low income or unknown areas are always stereotyped as "dangerous." There may be some legitimate crime areas, but for the most part it is fear mongering. Bad things happen anywhere and everywhere. You have to be careful where ever you go.

  19. YAY! DETROIT!!! My Home! Well I am from the suburbs, But I can’t believe you showed the Heidelberg project. People have tried to get that garbage heap removed for years.I wish you would have visited places we are known for like the Motown museum, so much history, or the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is HUGE. The River Walk in the summer, with the carousel etc. Going to the ghetto doesn’t realy show what all Detroit has to offer. And in the winter, the tree at Campus Martius park, with the ice slide and outdoor skating rink, and beer tent and bands etc. No one will want to come to Detroit seeing this.

    Oh and to fix your chess piece buy. Some E6000 glue. It smells horrid but it works great.

  20. ohhh guys…a still of you guys outside with blankets and "sleeping on the streets of Detroit."??!!?? you brought your home with you. i wonder what an actual homeless person would make of that. you were deliberately looking for a poorer neighborhood as well. sigh. are you familiar with the idea of privilege? do you understand yours?? sorry. thats it. unsubscribe.

  21. Wow you guys parked a few blocks away from my apartment! Stoked you guys came to visit and had good vibes in Detroit. This is my favorite city hands down, there's no other place like it!

  22. My great grandfather would eat cloves of garlic as well when he was younger and he mentioned to me that the best way to get it off your breath or to cleanse your palate afterwards is to eat a mouthful of fresh parsley haha 🙂

  23. Glad y’alls heater is working!!!

  24. We took a #vanlife trip into Canada from Florida last May and planned to zip through Detroit but ended up staying for three days. We had a great time! The people were really nice and the city was awesome. Our favorite part was "The Belt," downtown, which a local recommended. The local Planet Fitness even let us stay in their secure parking lot. We can't wait to get back 🙂

  25. This made me laugh because that’s exactly the face I make when I play my boyfriend in chess and then sometimes I end up throwing the king at him. Good thing our pieces are made of wood! Love you guys!

  26. I lived with a guy once that put garlic in everything . Think his cereal too . Whole place stank at times . Glad I left

  27. When Aubry eats the garlic it turns into a scene from the office ? ❤️ you guys

  28. Ah Ur in my HOMETOWN ❤️

  29. Oh NO!!! Aubrey singing I’m a little bit struck, struck in this truck ?in this truck. ? Fa la la la….take that King man?…off with your head! You guys crack me up!

  30. grew up in Michigan and it depends on what part of Detroit you were in 🙂 I grew up in Farmington Hills.

  31. Sleeping on the streets, IN A ISOLATED VAN!!!!

  32. Driving through the getto. "Detroit really isn't a ghetto, trust us."

  33. are you guys leaving the heat on overnight? How much noise does it make outside the van? Would someone walking by know that some equipment was running?

  34. The title and the thumbnail, I'm not into it. You're not sleeping on the streets. As someone who routinely works with people who ARE living on the streets, its not cute to use their struggle as clickbait. I love you guys and the video but… Title and thumbnail are less than your best.

  35. Sad what the 60 years of democrats did to Detroit

  36. You sleeping on the streets of Detroit? Your brave!!


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