Pat Caputo: Talking Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford – Detroit Video

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  1. That was an excellent video Pat!!!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  3. Crosby was the difference in the game

  4. He is now 6-49 against winning teams. Wake me up when that stat turns around. This was not a big game. The NE game was not a big game. Playoffs are the big games, what's he? 0-3 in the big games. Hell, first round playoffs aren't even big games for other teams. It's winning the conference, getting the bye, getting to the conference championship; those are the big games. He's never even seen one. Unfortunately, we need him to be so good that he elevates his team, but he doesn't.

    He threw too hard for Enron to hold onto the ball, nullifying one of his own threats. Now look at the numbers Ebron is putting up. Padford throws the ball so far over receivers heads that it's almost intentional grounding. Padford is so dumb that the Jets were calling out plays in his face and he didn't know what to do.

    So no, Pat, I don't give him credit for beating injury-riddled teams. Any decent quarterback should win games like that. A good QB should've beaten the Jets, 49s, and Cowboys though. We need Stat Padford to be great, and he just isn't.

  5. Stafford had some great plays made called back by penalties or dropped passes.Stafford is a Great QB no run game, no blocking , no D-line everyone blames Stafford and says garbage yards.This guy just wants to win and never makes excuses. #9 is my Quarter Back

  6. Matthew Stafford is avg. 5,000 yds per season. He’s gonna break Drew Brees record!!!!

  7. SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. Preach man preach.


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