Nightmares | Detroit: Become Human Comic Dub – Detroit Video

What is happening to Connor… is this a system anomaly? Or just a nightmare?

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Original Artist:

☆Hironoto as Hank
☆Hamlet as Amanda

Me as Connor
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Detroit Become Human – A Huge Mistake (Soundtrack OST)
Detroit Become Human – This Is the End (Soundtrack OST)
Detroit Become Human – The war continues

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  1. Can Androids have nightmares?
    Check out the artist and Voice Actors in the description.
    Leave a tip:

  2. Is it bad I find the accent you use for connor hilarious

  3. I want a dad like hank although he will always pointing guns at me

  4. poor connor i just want to give him a big hug

  5. I don't really like Connor but AMANDA NEEDS TI DIE AGAIN

  6. I AM AT LUNCH TRYING NOT TO CRY AT THIS!!!! ??????????????????????

  7. Damn this gets me in the heart.
    I just want to protect the small Connor bean.

  8. You know he has to be about 34.
    Ent then he cries like a baby.??

  9. It's sad but I love this comic

  10. List of things that are okay: NOT FUCKING THIS

  11. 1:20 oh my god Connor's voice there- it made me cry ;-;



  12. I wonder what Kamski has to say about this…
    Also, if they ever make a sequel and it contains this scene, I hope that they create therapy for Androids!

  13. I was just saying spooky the whole time
    i DK how to respond xd

  14. Shit this is awesome and super scary

  15. You guys dub these comics so damn good!!! I had chills the whole time!! You could really hear and feel the panic and pain in Connor and Hank's voices! And the Amanda voice actor did so well to potray Amanda in this comic!!! Okay I'll stop my fanboying now and watch this on repeat for the next fourty hours or so. ?

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Starts to cry like a baby… Nuuuuuuu… Q_Q Ow… EVERYTHING HURTS… T_T WHY! starts to cry like a baby again

  18. my eyes are watering

    we need to kill amanda.


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