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  1. So funny how low the views are on all of the videos covering this topic I’m pretty sure I know why.

    Also she says “but let’s not bring them (patriots) into this” LMFAOOOOOO why the FUCK not that is insane they are literally claiming the same shit as Detroit they didn’t fucking know about it yeah right.

    If they didn’t then they’re trash for all the pompous bullshit they feed fans while SELLING (literally)the flag to you gullible souls who will later join just to see how much the world doesn’t really give enough fucks about veterans.

    If you’re satisfied with a couple of billion dollar companies saying they DIDN’T KNOW about a POSSIBLE sexual assault case that didn’t go to trial because of emotional trauma then you’ll buy anything that you’ve established is of more value than you actually being and that’s what’s really sad. It is a direct insult to your knowledge. Some actually could careless.

  2. Does the ford family disclose to everyone that they did business with Hitler?


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