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Autistic man attacks Independence Township firefighters before and after nearly dying

After biting and trying to punch an Independence Township firefighter in the face about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, an autistic man nearly died, was resuscitated and again became combative. Full News here – Detroit News

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Detroit: A Dying City (The Red, White and Economic Blues)(Detroit’s Ghetto) – Detroit Video

Check out my Detroit ghetto blog here: http://www.detroitghetto.com This was aired on CBC March 30th, 2009. It shows how bad things are in the city of Detroi…

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Dying Howell Township man’s lost wedding ring returned

Mike Walsh’s one wish before he dies was granted Friday thanks to a stranger who found and kept the 57-year-old man’s lost ring in the hopes the owner would be found. Full News here – freep

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Dying Detroit – Detroit Video

A quick tour of Detroit proved quite shocking. Entire neighborhoods literally falling apart. The grand, majestic buildings from the golden age of Detroit empty and crumbling. Seb Walker reporting. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Capital of Scrap: Dying Detroit looting itself – Detroit Video

US car manufacturers received bailout money and are now reporting profits, but the financial recovery of America’s car makers is not filtering down to the streets of the country’s once-booming automotive capital. Detroit increasingly looks like a ghost town with its residents literally surviving on scraps, while once it was a city that symbolized America’s […]

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Detroit’s Ghetto: The worst Ghetto in the USA! Facts and a tour of Dying Detroit – Detroit Video

Facts and statements about Detroit 1. Detroit is the 3rd most dangerous city to live in in the united states and flint a near by city is the 4th most dangerous criminal city in the usa. 2. 7 out of 10 murders go unsolved in the motor city. 3. There are 95000 abandon homes in […]

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