Danny Brown – Detroit State of Mind – Detroit Video

Danny Brown takes us into the real Detroit in this Pitchfork.tv special. We follow Danny with his family, recording new music, performing at Dilla Day and much more. Watch Danny Brown on ‘Selector': bit.ly For more rap/hip-hop check out ‘Selector': bit.ly Check out more Pitchfork Documentaries here: bit.ly Subscribe to Pitchfork.tv: bit.ly For more videos from Pitchfork TV: pitchfork.com Like Pitchfork on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Pitchfork on Twitter: twitter.com Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: pitchfork.tumblr.com Credits: Produced & Directed by Eavvon O’Neal Shot & Edited by William Colby Mixed by Jeff Curtin Concert Audio provided by Dana Bartle Special Thanks: Fool’s Gold, Emeka Obi, Dana Bartle, Toya Sewell, Charles Sewell, Charles Strong, AND Danny Brown Executive Producer: RJ Bentler Tracklist (in chronological order): 1. “XXX” (00:00) 2. “Fields” (01:33) 3. “Bruiser Brigade” feat. Dopehead (03:40) 4. Main Attrakionz – “Syrup and Purp” (06:23) 5. “Lie 4″ (08:56) 6. “Blunt after Blunt” (10:13) 7. “Party all the Time” (11:54) 8. Mach Five – “Molly (On My Tongue)” feat. Danny Brown (14:50) 9. Catch Lungs – “Gotta Kill This” feat. Danny Brown & Donny Goines (17:20) 10. “Die Like a Rockstar” (18:20)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Danny Brown – Detroit State of Mind – Detroit Video”

  1. ceceovoxo says:

    real shit , ahhhh I love my city (:

  2. Dj Simpson says:

    Real stuff right here

  3. bastardchild1224 says:

    This makes me hate Michigan more an more.

  4. 247Dumbcomments says:

    i think cookies taste delicious

  5. wesbound619 says:

    check me out!!! @wesbound619 west up!!!!

  6. FrigginParadox says:

    you are entitled to your own opinon i respect it. but i think danny brown is the danny brown of today lol hes his own person

  7. Blackseed1978 says:

    STFU ! i’m entitled to my opinion asshole FOH talking bout something being disrespectful kiss my ass.

  8. Ki774B says:

    No ODB was nice, but Danny’s better in his own way. ODB was better in his own way. Stop comparing ppl its fucking disrespectful.

  9. QBliddack says:

    who drank all the damn rose!? lol

  10. arrowheadfoodman says:

    but doper..

  11. stan lebby says:

    this nigga not Detriot at all out of just pure homage for DILLA he shouldve just said fuck it this one for DILLA whack ass move

  12. lbear1818 says:

    katt williams was a legit homeless dude for a while … he’s not trying to be anyone (i don’t even like katt williams)

  13. cudderz20 says:

    Main attrakionz- Syrup and Purp

  14. NicKingPapiChulo says:

    thought his dad was filipino

  15. DismalProd says:

    Second song recorded in the studio is fucking ill!! What is it?!!

  16. Blackseed1978 says:

    The modern ODB of today.


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