Detroit 300 on streets, hunting down baby killers – Detroit Video

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) — Detroit 300, the well-known crime fighting community organization, announced its plans to hunt down the killers of children in the city of Detroit. In the wake of the recent murder of 9-month-old Delric ‘Miller IV, the group intends to target local hot spots where area gangs hang out as well. “We don’t care what gang, crew or clique you claim. When you kill babies in this city, you are our enemy. There is nothing to talk about,” says The Detroit 300 president and founder Raphael B. Johnson. “We are not going to host prayer gatherings for you or hold a candlelight vigil for your transgressions against the community. We are going to hunt you down and bring you to justice.” The group plans to take a proactive approach to the senseless violence in the city by going directly into the most crime ridden neighborhoods as identified by Detroit Police crime analysis reports. This initiative, called One Hour of Power is geared to “show a commanding presence, encouraging hope and cooperation from citizens and shutting down crime.” Angelo B. Henderson, vice-president of The Detroit 300 and Newstalk AM 1200 and 99.9 FM radio personality says, “We understand the street code where people are reluctant to give information to the police. Well, we aren’t the police, so just give us the information and we’ll take it from there.” “Our message to the gang-bangers and anybody else that’s engaged in a lifestyle that puts babies like this and our seniors in jeopardy of

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  1. ManufacturedHottie says:

    You mad? Bitch if you don’t like it get the fuck off the channel & grab a life.

  2. ThePeopleneedhelp says:

    it’s called the real life super hero community.

  3. ThePeopleneedhelp says:

    look up real life super heros. you might have a groop of people doing something like that in your area . all over the world people are standing up.

  4. tjcaligirl says:

    I think I’m in love with this man!

  5. Societysdingleberry says:

    I wonder how they are profiting from this and why they would not just become real police looks fishy to me and I think that’s mush mouth from fat Albert behind him

  6. iamslknick78 says:

    Why, you don’t have enough NBPP thugs killing people in Oakland?

  7. iamslknick78 says:

    They are racists who are criminals and thugs. As far as the leader of the movement, he said they’d burn Detroit to the ground before they let the white man take over, and called Detroit city council a bunch of “house negros”. Yeah, good call moron.

  8. Antonia Drew Vann says:

    YES! YES! YES! As well, we need a Milwaukee 300!!

  9. migueloconner says:

    I was n the gang for 23 yeas into my lil bro got kill…the gang never going to stop we die new one com back the all u nee to know amor de rey

  10. DEZ THA REASON says:

    too many people talking about this rather then embracing it.. one of the things i hate about you tube always somebody complaining or going against something that is clear to see.. ive done a peace march in my city but i think they have the better idea.. god bless them

  11. Funkadelicization says:

    Sharia Law is their highest Law straight from the Qu’ran and Hadith. Muslims don’t value our constitution, but they can lie to us to further their cause. Just come to my profile and watch the videos in my playlist “Islam 101″ (on my FreedomInAmerica channel) and read my about me for links showing how vile and evil Islam is.

    ROMNEY 2012

  12. Funkadelicization says:

    Arabs are generally Muslims. Now look what’s happening in Dearborn Michigan less than 10 miles away. There is a massive muslim population. Muslims are ordered to jihad against all non-believers, “kill or convert”

  13. Funkadelicization says:

    I have a theory on the progression of Detroit becoming a ghost town. O’Reilly Factor sent Jesse Waters to Michigan to do “people on the streets” interviews. They said, Arabs bought out the local businesses and the other jobs are drying up. No one can buy the drugs, so there are violent turf wars over what’s left.

  14. drsaanddfmc says:

    great, but no masks please.

  15. abracky says:

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – POVERTY PIMPS

  16. TheG55coffia says:

    Where is Al Sharpton & his followers. had they been the KKK doing the shooting I bet he would be there?

  17. abracky says:

    We need a FLORIDA 300, better yet a National USA 300, these guys are great.


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