Detroit Lions Bold Predictions: Big Trade on Draft Day! – Detroit Video

Today’s show brings a segment from the Pride of Detroit Podcast over to the PoD Youtube channel. We make a bold prediction that will take place on Draft Day. (Pictures provided by PressWire)
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15 Responses to “Detroit Lions Bold Predictions: Big Trade on Draft Day! – Detroit Video”

  1. freethingsforyou1 says:

    theres this crazy website giving away free Detroit Lions jerseys if you visit and share this code 5S2785X i didnt think it was real, but it just worked!!! im sending this to all my friend on Facebook hahaa! GO LIIOOOONS!!!

  2. JZCheerio737 says:

    GO LIONS!!!

  3. RicoSmoothSuave says:

    NIck Perry Played At Detroit King…

  4. skittlesrozanski says:

    Thank god this didnt happen

  5. corey2justified1 says:

    gain that easy… All he would have to do is agree with the trade then sign… it takes 5 seconds…lol

  6. Edmond Lee says:

    The might pick Donta Hightower or trade that pick to the Ravens so that they can keep him away from Pitt. We’ll see

  7. Edmond Lee says:

    I like your being bold but they cannot trade Cliff. He has not signed his franchise tender so this is impossible unless he signs tomorrow for some crazy reason.

  8. RudolphEnds says:

    That was ’08 you dumb shit.

  9. Funnyman2124 says:

    This video is gonna give me nightmares!

  10. Mrsemipro says:

    I hate to see the lions trade a player like Avril but he is asking for way to much. If a contract does get done then we have the risk of losing players like Louis Delmas and Chris Houston going into the 2013 season. Trading him is the only option. Besides his stats are only good cause he gets the one on ones all the time, because suh is getting doubled teamed.

  11. barrysanders89 says:

    @pistonfan33 at most avril is worth a second rd pick.. so this trade would be a major steal for us but it aint happening

  12. barrysanders89 says:

    @pistonfan33 are you kidding me? avril is worth more then a first & swapped 3 round picks? your an idiot.. Im a big cliff avril fan but the guy is NOT the next reggie white.. hes undersized for NE’s 3-4 anyway

  13. barrysanders89 says:

    @psan07 shut the hell up.. dont like lions fans? why are you watching a lions video.. dumbfuck

  14. AYN6 says:

    Wait you mean Cliff Avril isn’t even worth a 1st rounder ( we’re giving away a 3rd according to you ) but somehow the Lions feel like Avril is worth $10M a year ! that doesn’t add up

  15. xTheBigDealx says:

    Also, we should take new 3rd pick from this deal (93rd) and our regular 4th rd pick & use those to trade up into the 2nd rd again. That, according to this trade, would give us 2 first rd picks and then 2 second rd picks (our original pick and then new acquired pick with the aforementioned trade). We’d get 4 players from the first 2 rds. Best OL,CB,DE and RB available. That would fix our needs and then the 5th and (2) 7th rd picks left for develop players. What do you think about that, Jerry?


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