Detroit Pistons | Trending: Slava Kravtsov – Detroit Video

Detroit Pistons | Trending: Slava Kravtsov

Check out highlights from the Pistons’ big man from the Ukraine, Slava Kravtsov.
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11 Responses to “Detroit Pistons | Trending: Slava Kravtsov – Detroit Video”

  1. trademarktaz says:

    thank you joe dumars

  2. wbexclusive says:

    Hope this guy turn out to be at least our Asik/Gortat

  3. wbexclusive says:

    @smarke76 Blake Griffin can’t block

  4. BMTvHd says:

    they not looking for anther big to shoot…they looking for defense behind greg monroe…he a beast on defense

  5. oceangangLEELOW says:

    all he do is dunk lol he nice but drummond hitting step back jumpers

  6. Pitatschok says:

    He played for BC Donetsk, not BC Kyiv….

  7. treywar25 says:

    dont have those expectations or you will be disappointed most likely the BEST he will be is a good backup and providing energy off the bench

  8. smarke76 says:

    Damn see like a white Blake Griffin kinda

  9. MrOhyeahbb says:


  10. amberlampz says:

    it’s UKRAINE, not “the” Ukraine.

  11. goalieman4567 says:

    The next D-White Howard…


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