#ThisIsDetroit – Detroit Video

This is Detroit…. and we love it!
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  1. pabsan07 says:

    I went back home to visit family in Romulus for the first time in over 6 years. I was surprised to see my home town was still there, and doing pretty good. Michigan is a great place. It is good to be proud of being from Detroit. I’ll never move back but, I’m glad to be from there.

  2. mackvandyke says:

    The Original Bosssss, not you know who, but a Homie….Mis that stroghs, vernous and ice cream. Oh, my god!!

  3. DjBigRed210 says:

    “Faygo! every body sing…..,send yo momma straight up to tha store,tell that bitch to bring home a faygo”

  4. MiseryMusicVideo says:

    Love My City!

  5. Klayster says:

    :-)  Much Love, from a former 313 48221 Northwest 6 Mile girl! :-p

  6. kara12182 says:

    great pictures!!

  7. sonjaalbart says:

    What a great mix of Detroit!

  8. asiayajgurl says:

    313 48205 7 mile baby

  9. PARADISEBEY1 says:


  10. ScottMichigan says:

    Will always love Detroit.

  11. Twilightifyable says:

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  12. Twilightifyable says:

    Arabs are generally Muslims. Now look what’s happening in Dearborn Michigan less than 10 miles away. There is a massive muslim population. Muslims are ordered to jihad against all non-believers, “kill or convert”

  13. Twilightifyable says:

    I have a theory on the progression of Detroit becoming a ghost town. O’Reilly Factor sent Jesse Waters to Michigan to do “people on the streets” interviews. They said, Arabs bought out the local businesses and the other jobs are drying up. No one can buy the drugs, so there are violent turf wars over what’s left.

  14. Kroy212 says:

    Rep it. Live it. Love it. -Detroit

  15. baughnfam says:

    Im from michigan and that is a really cool video. :)

  16. capomyman says:

    Stuck in Houston, missin’ Detroit. At least there’s one positive video on youtube instead of ” this is the ghetto”

  17. gmhead says:

    I live in CA, but Michigan will always be home. And Detroit is the heart of Michigan; Detroit defines my past and the auto industry will always be in my blood. Great Seger song, as well.

  18. Jason Manasco says:

    from mi. man i miss vernors lol

  19. tropicalpancake56 says:



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