Detroit Precinct Transformed Into Art House – Detroit Video

For years, a building on Detroit’s southwest side housed the police department’s Third Precinct. Abandoned in 2005, the two-story structure has now been transformed from a law enforcement house to an art house. (Aug. 9)

11 Responses to “Detroit Precinct Transformed Into Art House – Detroit Video”

  1. ladylordess says:

    “black on black” series???  “energy”……. LOL. It is a good place for the homeless.

  2. chaching289 says:

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  3. joe blow says:

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  8. chaching289 says:

    the woman was saying she picked up the energy from the place

  9. UnblockedOne2 says:

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  10. joe blow says:

    fuck that… can an artist work in a room that was used for destroying lives?

  11. dudelivestrong says:

    They’ll be safe when zombies come


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