2 Bodies in Detroit River; No Heads, Hands, Feet – Detroit Video

The US Coast Guard has pulled the decapitated bodies of a man and a woman from the Detroit River and a canal feeding into the waterway. (July 17) Subscribe to the Associated Press: bit.ly Download AP Mobile: www.ap.org Associated Press on Facebook: apne.ws Associated Press on Twitter: apne.ws Associated Press on Google+: bit.ly

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  1. i like how some ppl on here make stupid comments and jokes real cool…. how would you like it if this was your family and or friend? have some cooth

  2. Detroit…. Top comment made me laugh as I seen the Detroit police van roll by. This is some sick stuff my friends. Who is so evil as to cut people up and throw them into the water. That is some Gangster sh*T

  3. They act like its a new thing finding bodies/bodyparts in the river. Back in the day thats where anybody with cement shoes went swimming. Missing parts lets you know it was a hit,or was made to look like one


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