2 Bodies in Detroit River; No Heads, Hands, Feet – Detroit Video

The US Coast Guard has pulled the decapitated bodies of a man and a woman from the Detroit River and a canal feeding into the waterway. (July 17) Subscribe to the Associated Press: bit.ly Download AP Mobile: www.ap.org Associated Press on Facebook: apne.ws Associated Press on Twitter: apne.ws Associated Press on Google+: bit.ly

18 Responses to “2 Bodies in Detroit River; No Heads, Hands, Feet – Detroit Video”

  1. yumm79 says:

    i like how some ppl on here make stupid comments and jokes real cool…. how would you like it if this was your family and or friend? have some cooth

  2. Mezmurized22 says:

    Detroit…. Top comment made me laugh as I seen the Detroit police van roll by. This is some sick stuff my friends. Who is so evil as to cut people up and throw them into the water. That is some Gangster sh*T

  3. beyonddaplanet says:

    true words shit is wild

  4. xlioilx says:

    End the Violence End the Drug war!

  5. moviedude22 says:

    Detroit mob! sssssh!!!

  6. LocalScumBag123 says:

    Now this is the kind of shit that excites me.

  7. iculookin65 says:

    They act like its a new thing finding bodies/bodyparts in the river. Back in the day thats where anybody with cement shoes went swimming. Missing parts lets you know it was a hit,or was made to look like one

  8. Osuitea says:

    When that fire comes down from heaven, we all gonna gave sime explaining to do.

  9. Tsnore says:

    Murder in Detroit? Unheard of!

  10. TinFoilHat87923 says:


  11. JMA4571 says:

    Look Up. Beheading Chainsaw Video.

  12. JMA4571 says:

    Weak ass Michigan ain’t shit haha

  13. Jimmyjumpnjive says:

    Detroit Sustains Casualties in Zombi Attack

  14. metalheadk93 says:

    Some people would lose an arm and a leg to swim in the Detroit river

  15. whoisjeZus says:

    This happens all the time to blacks here in Texas

  16. jasonresler says:

    It’s so cold in the D.

  17. spinnernetfan1 says:

    dont blame the whites is all im saying cause comments like yours are what rev. al shartpon look for

  18. spinnernetfan1 says:

    its proably organized crime you will see some of this stuff on first 48 and they always remain unsolved


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