Detroit Battle Rapper Young Calicoe Gets House Raided Next Day After Posting Video Of Dogs! – Detroit Video

Detroit Battle Rapper Young Calicoe Gets House Raided Next Day After Posting Video Of Dogs!

” – Detroit police raided the home of a young Detroit rapper known as Young Calicoe Wednesday. When the Detroit Police Department and Humane Socity saw the video they got a warrant. Aerial video of the scene showed police and the Humane Society seizing several dogs from the property.” – Click On

22 Responses to “Detroit Battle Rapper Young Calicoe Gets House Raided Next Day After Posting Video Of Dogs! – Detroit Video”

  1. kebabflaps says:

    haha cool story jackass

  2. bklyn ox says:

    How about this you British cigarette !
    One day after returning home from a hard day of work at a local whore house, your mum walked in and caught you and your dad in a 69 position. She then preceded to hit you over the head with a empty vodka bottle that was the next to the bed. After she was finish throwing you out the house and disowning you.
    You asked her”mum what am i going to do now”, in which she replied “maybe you should clone yourself, so you can go fuck yourself literally nancy boy”

  3. kebabflaps says:

    write me anther story please jackass.

  4. noizefilms says:

    calicoe stupid as fuck lmao

  5. kebabflaps says:

    So you admit that you’re a jackass?!

  6. BeachChairz says:


    If he IS involved in shit like this then that’s FUCKED UP!

    He seems a nice guy though, and I hope he was just chating shit in that video and ain’t REALLY involved in some shit like that.

  7. bklyn ox says:

    Stop being a hypocrite ! you talk about intelligence, but your analogy with the pigeon and chess just doesn’t make any sense. You need to learn how to spell first before you try and discredit someone else’s intelligence. The word is spelled pigeon not “pidgeon” and it’s disagreement not “dissagreement”, you retarded fuck.
    The disagreement started when you, just like so many other had to reply to my comment. If I choose not to respect dogs, then that’s my opinion.

  8. kebabflaps says:

    Do you even remember what the original dissagreement was about? Or have you just flooded your head with mindless fantasy trashtalk in a pathetic reaction to the confrontation and justify yourself for continuing to behave like a douchebag… lol… maybe if you were more intelligent – then this would actually be a challenge. But it’s like playing chess with a pidgeon; It doesn’t matter how the game goes the pidgeon will shit all over the board, knock the pieces over and pretend it’s won.

  9. bklyn ox says:

    I’m proud to say the only thing i will ever be “inexperienced” at is being an uphill gardener like you. Your mouth is getting to big for your muzzle wazzock, i think your stating to have delusions of adequacy. My advice to you is go to nearest church to repent for your sexual sins against dogs and for your love of fudge packing. lol

  10. kebabflaps says:

    You know this fixation you have with sex shows you up as being a bit… inexperienced. I could keep telling you how little it affects me since you’re writing utter fantasy but it’s quality entertainment watching you behave this way.

  11. bklyn ox says:

    Nah, actually your mum is the only thing that can give me endless satisfaction.She does some special things with her tongue that you won’t believe.
    Since you have so much experience, why don’t you write a book on bestiality?

  12. kebabflaps says:

    I’m sure that gave you endless satisfaction – it doesn’t make you look like a 5 year old at all… but hey if you work really hard at it you might be able to write a book! You could call it “How to behave like a spoilt little shit”. Or no you could call it “How to win friends and influence people” oh dayum somebody already took that title.

  13. bklyn ox says:

    How about this one you nancy fuck, that minger you call a mum tells me that your dad is a codger and used to bugger you. lol

  14. kebabflaps says:

    It’s true that mentally challenged people can hurt themselves with any sharp objects… even zippers. But yeah, let’s face it.. your comment is about as real as your imaginary balls. Tell me another story ey maybe make it more interesting.

  15. bklyn ox says:

    That’s the same thing i tell your mom, she gets so excited every time she see’s my hand on my zipper. lol

  16. MrMATSTRONG says:

    Calico is a dumb ass dude. Thats what he get, he bought this

  17. kebabflaps says:

    Woah slow down slick you might hurt yourself.

  18. polo polo says:

    calico is a fake dude

  19. blackstersherron says:


  20. yzemann says:

    Man he setting us back 50 years after that…i hope u still battle Lux, next time “think”

  21. TheMfbird says:

    Calicoe is a moron for this one. Was this his way of trying to back out of SM2?? Instead of training dogs and roosters to battle, he shoulda been gettin ready for his Lux battle. Does.he miss his pop that much that he tryna share a cell wit him?? I love my people but sometimes we do the dumbest sht….

  22. xTheBolCtF says:

    I’m dissappointed in him. My favorite battle rapper involved in the dumbest shit. Cal I wanted you to beat Lux but now I hope he fucks you up for this. Real shit.


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