2012 Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Highlights – Detroit Video

Highlights from the 2012 Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. Problems with the track surface midway through the race led to a red flag and shortened the race from 90 to 60 laps.

24 Responses to “2012 Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Highlights – Detroit Video”

  1. Matt Scaife says:

    The full length videos are not available for Canadian viewers either? My PVR missed the end of the race due to the track delay. Why will you not allow it to be viewed by Canadians?

  2. Guy50373 says:

    yeah, but you should allow everyone in the WORLD to see the full races, not only north americans.

  3. pburland says:

    I´m not talking about live broadcast, we get that here in Brazil via BAND, what I´m talking about is the full race replay via YouTube. That is blocked here.

  4. darthbandon10 says:

    He’s talking about on this channel: they barred non-US users from looking at the full race uploads on youtube.

  5. InospeakAussie says:

    In Australia we get Live Coverage From the Speed Channel, not sure what your talking about.

  6. pburland says:

    Only problem with that is that the full races are not available outside the US.

  7. 1976SCAM says:

    I was born and raised in Detroit, but I wasn’t proud at how bad that track was. They have to invest some money in order to make millions off the Indycar Race weekend. If they don’t spend money to fix this problem They will lose the Indycar contract for sure.

  8. jurgenmueller says:

    Do you guys know where I can find the complete race? Since broadcasting is not available where I live.

  9. darthbandon10 says:

    I can still see the highlights videos, just not the full races. and no, I hate F1, it can go die in a hole.

  10. andylui3333 says:

    same reason LOL u guys make fun of american motorsports so they blocked u guys LMAO idk im just guessing, just watch f1 or something its a good f1 season so far

  11. darthbandon10 says:

    No, I mean they blocked their youtube uploads so I can’t watch them on this channel. The Sao Paulo race became unavailable…

  12. andylui3333 says:

    cause u guys dont like indycar so they dont bother casting it in europe…..

  13. weejie5150 says:

    That track surface sucks. Time to rip it out and repave the entire thing – if they EVER want Indycar to return.

  14. moderadorindy says:

    Alright. However for the Brazilian fans who would like to see TK, Spiderman and Barrichello can not do that because you have denied access to full race in my country from this week. This is because the newcomer is the most prominent brazilian Barrichello. Rarely Bandeirantes TV broadcasts and complete the race live. Thank you for segregation.

  15. Rainbow Dash says:

    But we can’t see them :( I don’t live in America and you can’t watch them in England :( Please change it.

  16. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X says:

    So, why are you not making your FULL-races (which is a very good idea btw.) not available in Germany (and some more european countries I reckon)?
    This is the only way to watch IndyCar in Germany, I hope you will help your fans at the other side of the Atlantic…

  17. darthbandon10 says:

    I gave up on F1 years ago.

    Going back to Indy, I hope Simona gets some better machinery to work with soon, that LotusJudd engine is a big let-down.

  18. 9999faill says:

    well long beach was a blip and even though everyone was hating on him for the last lap at indy he did an awesome job to get back there. as for will though i should like the guy but i dunno. either way theres at least double the driver’s i like in in indycars that in f1

  19. darthbandon10 says:

    Can I ask why it isn’t available in the UK?

  20. darthbandon10 says:

    Though I’m not sure I want a 5th title going to him, what with his dubious driving at Long Beach and general poor performance until the 500… I think Will Power deserves it more.

  21. 9999faill says:

    that’s good for a hopefully close battle for the title at the end. maybe like in 03 with 5 different drivers with a chance at the end of the season

  22. darthbandon10 says:

    Dario’s caught up in the standings too.

  23. boredoflife227 says:

    Why can’t you put full races available in my country AUSTRALIA ARE YOU GUYS NUTS?????

  24. dalejrgamer says:

    By the way, just to clarify, the only reason why I made that Detroit joke just because it’s Detroit. Pavement degrading is normal, even on race tracks. NASCAR had that happen to them at Martinsville (2004), Charlotte (2005, when someone thought it’s a good idea to levigate the track), and Daytona (2010…I remember this when they red-flag the race…TWICE). F1 wasn’t spared with horrible road conditions, either, going back to Montreal in 2008.


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