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The filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady look at young men who salvage scrap metal from Detroit’s derelict buildings, set against the backdrop of globalization. Related Article: nyti.ms Please visit nyti.ms in order to embed this video. Watch more videos at nytimes.com
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  1. 3/3
    Sharia Law is their highest Law straight from the Qu’ran and Hadith. Muslims don’t value our constitution, but they can lie to us to further their cause. Just come to my profile and watch the videos in my playlist “Islam 101” (on my FreedomInAmerica channel) and read my about me for links showing how vile and evil Islam is.

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  2. 2/3
    Arabs are generally Muslims. Now look what’s happening in Dearborn Michigan less than 10 miles away. There is a massive muslim population. Muslims are ordered to jihad against all non-believers, “kill or convert”

  3. 1/3
    I have a theory on the progression of Detroit becoming a ghost town. O’Reilly Factor sent Jesse Waters to Michigan to do “people on the streets” interviews. They said, Arabs bought out the local businesses and the other jobs are drying up. No one can buy the drugs, so there are violent turf wars over what’s left.

  4. Flanker The Scrapper here this is what i do to make ends meet jobs are hard to come by nowadays and if you do find one the employers don’t want to pay you enough or give any decent benefits so now I have no choose but do what i have to do to make any kind of money.

  5. “Rich people pay more taxes than poorer people”

    Same here. 47% of Americans (the poor half) pay ZERO federal income tax. Top bracket pays 36%.

    “People often take the bike instead of the car”

    Because your country isn’t the size of a continent and Dutch population density is 1045/mi – US is 87/mi.

    “Bottomline: in the states people are much more focused on consuming”

    It wasn’t always that way. It comes from having the world’s reserve currency, which will change.

  6. WOW – This hits home for me! This is the life my husband and I are living to support our 3 kids! Scrapping, Picking & Youtube! – Been Unemployed since 2008!

  7. Here’s the deal; europe had large cities before oil. America built hers around cheap energy. If that mich is granted, all else follows.

  8. I wonder what the people of Detroit could do with their city if the bureaucracy (red tape) would be removed? Let those people loose to invent and rebuild their city.

  9. Take a look at Europe, for example the Netherlands. The lifestyle is completely different whereas the average salaries are actually somewhat higher than in the United States.

    Rich people pay more taxes than poorer people
    People often take the bike instead of the car
    Education is much cheaper
    Healthcare is only about $90 a month

    Bottomline: in the states people are much more focused on consuming (stuff, cars, every house has a pool) than in Europe…you need to get that striaght

  10. cycles, the british were on top for 200 years, became too spread out, people demanded too much at home, went broke, sound familiar? we need to be leaner in many ways, the comment that we should act collectively like china is marxist crap!

  11. Hey the US does make stuff, only not in Detroit. New car factories & steel mills are opening or expanding and operating profitably in Georgia, Alamaba, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana. New car production capacity in those states exceds what recently closed in Michigan and Ohio. The BMW corp with its plant in South Carolina is a net exporting company in the US, helping the US balance of trade. These plants are also creating jobs in many small industrial cos making parts.

  12. The inner city of Detroit is pretty much dead, but the suburbs surrounding it are very much alive and well (I would know, I live here) and actually growing at the expensive of Detroit’s dying. In my close to 8 years of living in Metro Detroit I’ve never actually been in the city, so this is weird to me. I think the future of southeast Michigan no longer depends on Detroit, but its numerous suburbs which have governments and economies of their own.

  13. The capitalists are moving on. After all, what is America but a fading European and industrialized colony? It is now not profitable for the 1%, so off to the next colony. I collect scrap as an old man. I call it the deconstruction of the old colony. What will take its place? Look to other old colonies.

  14. Hey ! Don’t pick on Detroiters! The everyday people of the city aren’t at fault here.

    Lions finished the season 10-6 and made the playoffs! The Red Wings are perennial Stanley Cup contenders and the Tigers made it to the ALCS! Yes the Pistons currently suck, but they were great for almost 10 yrs!

    Come here sometime and I guarantee you can find plenty to like about Detroit. I won’t deny that it is largely in ruins, but there are people working to make it better.

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