Detroit Fights Back – Detroit Video

It’s a city often described as post-apocalyptic. According to the FBI Detroit tops the list as one of the most dangerous places in America. Abandoned homes litter the city after the demise of the auto industry and an exodus of people out of the city. But there are some residents sick of waiting for the auto industry, the police, or the local government to get their act together and taking matters into their own hands. One booming business is the private security. In a city where a reported 7 out of 10 murders go unsolved, it’s a service welcome by the community. RT Correspondent Liz Wahl takes you to the motor city.
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  1. frazerfam4 says:

    Its not whites or blacks so Dont blame any of them its just the past we have detroit is not bad just some parts i live in the suburs andbi still love the D we have our own song detroit rock city

  2. StrongDetroit says:

    Detroit ain’t that bad, check out “The Great Detroit?”

  3. StrongDetroit says:

    Detroit ain’t that bad, check out “The Great Detroit?”

  4. slobknoblin says:

    Aweful lot of honkies here.

  5. HodgePorridge says:

    I would like to see some cherry, apple, and peach trees planted! Maybe some walnut trees, and some blueberry bushes!

  6. 7anderson9 says:

    What happens when the “criminals” start paying Dale Brown, owner of Threat Management Center too look the other way. Mercenaries work for who pays the most. And Tom Frieson at Architectural Salvage Warehouse gets to loot 70,000 homes and then sell it to the public. Talk about turning a profit, wonder what he pays the ex cons an hour to be the looters?

  7. Mavric7788 says:

    Black people ruined the city of Detroit, the 1968 summer olympics were supposed to be held in Detroit, but thanks to the niggers we have a shit hole of a city now. Thank god i live in the suburbs now or i would be dead.

  8. MrMantraMan says:

    Detroit is ground zero for the effects of the genocide upon whites.

  9. ThusSpakeDenise says:

    Because Whites are too stupid to realize the Negroes don’t deserve one penny, or one second of time.

  10. ThusSpakeDenise says:

    They must get rid of all the NAGAS first.

  11. LIONED says:

    Detroit, first future independent city of USA.

  12. duckbarf says:

    Great people, great town and looks like some creative solutions. Hope they can save all that amazing architecture.

  13. mrwetwillie7 says:

    Why is it that white people always have to pay?

  14. chumbucket206 says:

    Parkour training ?

  15. biorgymd says:

    And one other thing if you like Fox News so much, what the fuck are you doing here at RT?

  16. biorgymd says:

    Oh by the way, so what’s your solution.. vote for Mitt Romney?

  17. biorgymd says:

    Without a doubt Americans are the most stupid and dumbest people on earth and you are 100% proof of that, it must be all the pink slime you eat. At least in the former Soviet Union and East Germany the people KNEW they were being lied to and spoon fed propaganda. Americans like you will never figure this out because you are the most brainwashed in the world, add a “Celebrity” concept to the mix and you’ve got a total fucked American brain melt down.

  18. Zac6230 says:

    Nope, spoken like the truth! Liberalism really is a mental disorder

  19. biorgymd says:

    Spoken like a true Psychopath.  If I for one second put my philosophy and ideology in the hands of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, Rupert Fucking Murdock and actress whores reading from Teleprompters I’d stick a pistol in my mouth and pull the trigger.

  20. 6of6 says:

    I want an abandoned pedestal sink!

  21. shorty430551 says:

    And all this without one mention of state or federal government involvement. This kind of thing will be on the “outlawed” list soon. But it’s good to see the people of Detroit doing things to improve their situation.


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