Detroit 300 Declares War On Detroit Gangs For Killing Babies & Seniors 2012 – Detroit Video

Detroit 300 on streets, hunting down baby killers

16 Responses to “Detroit 300 Declares War On Detroit Gangs For Killing Babies & Seniors 2012 – Detroit Video”

  1. looktothestars9 says:

    No…the color of the ‘skin’ does matter! Ask your own people why…the white eleite/people at top are the ones whom constructed the color bias business, whites/and now other non african ethnicities even have their own caste systems based off the whiter you are/the better…the lighter your skin the more beautiful/intelligent etc..this effects people with black skin world wide, in every country the ‘darker’ the people are the more impoverished they tend to be……but you say color dnt matter?

  2. AssMaster0069 says:

    Keyword there men, and the color of there skin shouldn’t matter!!! =P ♥ Peace! Love! and Harmony! Together we can achieve anything.

  3. mrsonofosiris1 says:

    here we go again … let me take time out to go in on this fool ….i haven,t kicked any knowledge yet…unless calling u a A…Hole is knowledge to u… so quick to shoot something down,,,,,,,,yet they have no SOUTIONS of their own ,,,…. if so present it, shut up if ya don,t have any sonnyboy…. 4 u calling yourself a nigger , well since thats only the name u know people by…..later my fingers are tied u not even worth time…i,m only chattin with bros who have some sense,

  4. 1X4yoMIND says:

    so let me get this straight… you are kicking knowledge, but you can’t spell nor can you use spell check. watch school house rock and get your grammar up you fucking coon. the revolution will not be televised and this is tv. anything allowed to be put out on this media can and will be counteracted upon. lose the fucking honkeys and know and study your enemy. right now my biggest enemy is dumb niggers. detroit has super niggers that you can’t tell anything but they do exactly what they are told

  5. charlieguevara1 says:

    What the fuck why are their teachers in youtube fuckin fags

  6. Emaculateable1 says:

    If you’re knowledgeable enough to comment on YouTube with useless spelling. You really should take this energy to school and listen on how to respect literature. After learning this, you should have enough sense NOT to disrespect serious issues. I will stand up against ignorance. Detroit 300 is doing a good job.

  7. mrsonofosiris1 says:

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  8. 1X4yoMIND says:

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  9. mrsonofosiris1 says:

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  10. mrsonofosiris1 says:

    the BITCH of U-tube has spoken an his stupid- ass is the only understands one thing ..not coming together to makes streets an neighborhoods safe…but acting like a BITCH when real men are putting their lives on the line for your kids also…clown.. i just hope u don,t have kids with a fucked up mind like up got,,,, then the MIGHTY 300 gonna find your dumbass too….HOTEP too dat….too the real 4 ya then keep being a nigger , while i stay

  11. 1X4yoMIND says:

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  12. mrsonofosiris1 says:

    u so smart that,s so why u sound so STEW_PID …oh no STUPID !oh my bad 4 using no for know….yeah all talk ,get real….go back to ya corner an preach

  13. UndergroundJazzA says:

    I admire these brave men.Wish you success in your hard work.For a gang-banger life meant nothing,they glamorize their lifestyle,they glamorize that they are killers,drug-dealers,robbers,etc.Look at this thug glamorisation in music,movies,etc.They know what they are doin’.THIS IS WAR and they have big support but THEY CROSSED THE BORDER LINE AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED AS HUMANS.APPLAUSE AND SUPPORT TO DETROIT 300.

  14. UndergroundJazzA says:

    Obama support those who kill people oversaes,in Lybia,Iraq,Afganistan … how can you expect that he will support these brave men.I don’t think so.

  15. UndergroundJazzA says:

    Obama himself are one of the biggest criminals.But for sure these people need support.

  16. Abupindjiguiti says:

    This is what Obama need to support Instead of supporting those Criminals Gangstar from WALL STREET.
    This Gentleman from all background shows once for all the beauty side of The Young United State Of America.They Deserves NOBEL PEACE PRIZE,Period…


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