Capital of Scrap: Dying Detroit looting itself – Detroit Video

US car manufacturers received bailout money and are now reporting profits, but the financial recovery of America’s car makers is not filtering down to the streets of the country’s once-booming automotive capital. Detroit increasingly looks like a ghost town with its residents literally surviving on scraps, while once it was a city that symbolized America’s innovation and manufacturing might. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:
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20 Responses to “Capital of Scrap: Dying Detroit looting itself – Detroit Video”

  1. bukowskighostify says:

    Cannibals cannibalizing their very home!

  2. RayAir1 says:

    Detroit is just as dangerous as Kandahar City and Obama is a teleprompter reading liar.

    Hope you know most of that bailout money to GM was used to build a new GM plant in China to build the Cadillac line over there starting in 2013.

    This country is fucked. Things aren’t coming back.

  3. Wazza6555 says:

    That’s because the want the metal window frames that enclose the glass.

  4. plcolsson says:

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  5. undergroundtreasure says:

    I guess , when you are striping the building of copper , you need to break out all the windows too.

  6. YoungMoney835 says:

    Well i could care less, I’m not even black.

  7. liljgoneman says:

    Bunch of chickenshit niggers too fuckin dumb to rob the corporations that rob them. Keep killin each other instead, that helps….

  8. liljgoneman says:

    Abraham Lincoln proposed the very same idea. Was he a racist? I think he was 100% correct considering we build you projects, you turn em into slums. we give you cash, you buy drugs. Fuck you nigger.

  9. YoungMoney835 says:

    Um he said that all black people should be removed from the country lol. He’s racist. These comments are months old anyways so it doesn’t matter. I don’t even think you bothered to read the comments, you retard.

    Just go kill yourself man lol, you’re kind of stupid for replying to a comment that is almost 3 months old.

  10. IlyaUshar says:

    Nigga, you just went full retard.

  11. IlyaUshar says:

    No. That that happens when manufactures, production centers, that provided the majority of the Detroit population with jobs were transfered to China. Free Capitalism, enjoy, folks. But today the large corporations are reaping what they sow. Peruse for lesser payment for employees entailed financial crisis.

  12. bukowskighostify says:

    Dos mo drugses n drinkses mo wiskey!

  13. johnskoda says:

    this is what happens when you leave the blacks to run a city.a fucking ruinous mess.

  14. zoomerlawns says:

    Solution: Disband the unions.

  15. crowbird213 says:

    Henry Ford and others built Detroit into a powerfull city then came the communists theives. Then the US government diverted the best engineers away from the auto industry and into the medical field and the military industrial complex then the black people moved back to south.

  16. YoungMoney835 says:

    I didn’t say it was. Only arrogant teenagers use the word dip shit. Stupid child.

  17. laxking1008 says:

    Europe is not a country you dip shit.

  18. FreedomInAmerica says:

    Sharia Law is their highest Law straight from the Qu’ran and Hadith. Muslims don’t value our constitution, but they can lie to us to further their cause. Just come to my profile and watch the videos in my playlist “Islam 101″ (on my FreedomInAmerica channel) and read my about me for links showing how vile and evil Islam is.

    ROMNEY 2012

  19. FreedomInAmerica says:

    Arabs are generally Muslims. Now look what’s happening in Dearborn Michigan less than 10 miles away. There is a massive muslim population. Muslims are ordered to jihad against all non-believers, “kill or convert”

  20. FreedomInAmerica says:

    I have a theory on the progression of Detroit becoming a ghost town. O’Reilly Factor sent Jesse Waters to Michigan to do “people on the streets” interviews. They said, Arabs bought out the local businesses and the other jobs are drying up. No one can buy the drugs, so there are violent turf wars over what’s left.


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