DETROIT – MURDER CITY 1 (check out the links listed in the description also) – Detroit Video

This is a Detroit documentary that was made in the midst of the city trying to make a change. Good changes have been occuring, and the hope is that it will continue to change for the better. Stay strong Detroit. You may have to copy and paste, but here is the link to part 2: Both documentaries were made by Al Profit. Google Al Profit to access his site for other products. BONUS video clip –

21 Responses to “DETROIT – MURDER CITY 1 (check out the links listed in the description also) – Detroit Video”

  1. 1motsi2 says:

    yeah ryte ……get off his dick.and by the album bitch.

  2. fuckyourmother1960 says:

    I used to suck 7 the general’s dick in prison

  3. Maxamus101 says:

    Those people who pulled the carpet out from under Detroit knew what was going to happen and they wanted it to happen that way. It’s fucked up.

  4. MovinbackStBernard says:

    When we control liberty crime ensues, where it creates opportunity for organise crime. We are meant to govern our selves through GOD in Christ, these crimes come about from removing God from our lives. People now seek judgement putting their perversions out in public instead of keeping it in darkness where it belongs, the result: our society has turn to darkness as people in power block the light of the truth that others may sin comfortably. This goes against the truth we all know in our hearts.

  5. busch327 says:

    I would never step past 8 mile without at least 2 guns on me.

  6. TheGoodgreenshit says:

    thanks a lot for sayin that now its gonna bug me the whole video!!

  7. lpescato5310 says:

    plus they had robocop

  8. masoodqayyum says:

    Detroit will always be the most talked about American City ever. Lets continue to bring more positivity to our home.

  9. markelkanthony says:

    more poverty = more black people

  10. MyNikeSocksON says:

    what about applying for them and being denied? what about them not lasting for 30 days? its hard to feed a family for a month…the government helps but trust me in the words of my fellow Detroit niggas….”IT AINT NOTHING LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN SHIT”

  11. tomsurfing007 says:

    hungry with no food? what about food stamps and the EBT

  12. MyNikeSocksON says:

    Its easy to sit back and say hey look at these niggers destroying their communities, killing their own people…but have you ever been hungry with no food? Nobody likes selling drugs…its there only option. LITERALLY. I’m Detroit born and raised, and I don’t care, im proud of where im from.

  13. pikemancolley says:

    in england they never do it, they hate it,,

  14. pikemancolley says:

    very true dude,, glasgow with guns, man its fucking bad without them, with them , scary , fuck guns off there the problem with america

  15. DarknessUnresolved says:

    Dumbass joke, not funny. Stupid asshole. 

  16. ROOTSCONTRA says:

    Of course poverty is not the only reason. It was only my answer to that stupid racist comment. Í think there are many reasons: the drug trade (supported by the cia/fbi etc.), a violent and materialistic society and last but not least tons of guns available for everyone for a small price.

  17. DoNMoSs2 says:

    thanks to the red army only

  18. QuicklyMrScott says:

    If that was true, India and China would have the highest murder rates in the world. China’s is lower than most of Europe.

    The drugs trade is the biggest cause.

  19. mrcholo69913 says:

    no wondering white people don’t do shit for detroit…

  20. gamehound83 says:

    Mind your own business. Nobody was talking to you

  21. joojoobomb says:

    That’s not even funny. Don’t tell racist jokes that aren’t even funny, you fucking herb.


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