Boondoggle in the Motor City: Detroit’s Train to Nowhere – Detroit Video

Detroit has become a place Hollywood directors come for great wreckage shots. One quarter of the city’s 140 square miles are deserted. Detroit public school students boast the nation’s worst reading scores, the products of a corruption-ridden school system that recently flirted with bankruptcy. Detroit bested Baltimore in 2009 to take the dreaded “murder capital” title. It may also be the worst place in the country to have a heart attack: prepare to wait half an hour for an ambulance. In a town lacking essential services, what do local leaders and federal politicians have in mind for helping the city? What’s needed to hoist Detroit back to its 1950 heyday, when it was America’s fourth largest city, with more than double its current population? Why, light rail, of course! The Motor City is moving ahead with a plan to build a 9.3-mile light rail line that will run from downtown Detroit to the edge of the suburbs. It’ll cost an estimated 0 million. Three-quarters of the bill will be paid by federal taxpayers, with the rest picked up by a consortium of foundations and businesses. If built, the project will end up on the Mackinac Center’s list of government-subsidized white elephants touted as “crucial to Detroit’s comeback,” its “rebirth,” and pivotal to “turning things around.” In reality, it’ll just be another train to nowhere, much like Detroit’s existing light rail line, the unfortunately named “People Mover,” which operates at 2.5% of capacity. For more on Detroit’s
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  1. s3xy1fl3x says:


  2. Orchestra1126 says:

    LOL don’t you just LOVE the music when the show ”Detroit: City on the Move”?! :)

  3. omonission says:

    You don’t go to an amusement park because they have the best parking… People are investing money in this city. We have watched what the last generation has done to the city, the old ideas and people need to step aside.

  4. 09809709879876678698 says:

    Buffalo NY also has a train to nowhere….trust me this isn tthe answer.

  5. tiacola81 says:

    This reminds me of the “monorail” Simpsons episode, haha. Look where that ended up.

  6. gamehound83 says:

    Ray Lahood the same guy who for the right price gave Toyota a pass with their deadly brakes. Lahood has no credibility

  7. lazydayhohum says:

    Run trains thru then burned out hoods,maybe people will move TRAINS holly crap 500 million,OMG I AM SPEECHLESS.

  8. tickyul says:

    thas rite My nikkah!

  9. briancollazo46 says:

    family guy in the sax

  10. PhuckHue2 says:

    lol what a shithole city

  11. BestTits says:

    this makes me sad, im just going to watch robocop

  12. Lemonjelllo says:

    Bush doubled the debt too! Wow go figure! It looks like, BOTH parties are trying to fuck us? No how could it be!

  13. mikenification says:

    US national debt tripled under Obama. Republicans opposed this added debt.
    Wow, that was easy!

  14. mikenification says:

    Woman is living in a fantasy world! “Build it, and they will come” is just a movie slogan. And where is all this money to build it going to come from? Oh, yeah, from ME and all the other YTs!

  15. Lemonjelllo says:

    liberals this liberals that. conservatives waste a shit ton of damn money too. Neither of you are right, and you treat politics like a fucking sporting event. Jesus fucking christ.


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