Summer League: Detroit Pistons vs Orlando Magic – Detroit Video

With Summer League action well under way, Day 2 brought us the Detroit Pistons against the Orlando Magic.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Summer League: Detroit Pistons vs Orlando Magic – Detroit Video”

  1. xxjon11 says:

    Stfu… You’re not cool.

  2. pepsiandsnapple says:

    orlando lost at their own home, seriously. and brandon knight plays with scrubs and didnt even dominate shame

  3. KoolAidMan48433 says:

    0:27 he aint even stretch though

  4. Brentezjones9 says:


  5. dirk nowitzki says:

    Is it just me or does the kyle guy from the pistons look like steve nash O_O

  6. Highguy249 says:

    The thumbnail for this video looks like a people tornado.

  7. 1000gohead says:

    Really? Corey Maggette?? We traded one of our best shooters for Maggete!?! As long as Prince, Knight, and Monroe stay healthy we should be good

  8. K3BANG says:

    dude ben gordon is gone, we traded him to the bobcats for corey magette *cringe to get rid of his big ass contract. Joe D is an idiot for giving him and charlie v those contracts

  9. shshshooKya says:

    I guess you could say that the difference in this game was…

    *Puts on sunglasses*



  10. 1000gohead says:

    We still got Stuckey, Bynum, and Gordon

  11. CoopersBallisLife says:

    Can any of you take 3 minutes out of your day to watch this kid play? /watch?v=xTKRQqwJwSw&feature=g­­-u-u or just go to my channel and watch the latest video.

  12. Ulfification says:

    That’s not even close to being relevant here.

  13. XxhappaxX says:

    Temple needs to make the OKC roster…the man is a beast

  14. n8shneedles13 says:

    fuck yeah singler

  15. natedog03 says:

    Austin rivers are you dumb brandon knight was great last year clown

  16. natedog03 says:

    Yancy gates is a bad boy forreal cinncinatti bobcats he blew oh boy shit out

  17. YerroAzNBoY says:

    still gay

  18. PS3owns3601 says:

    as a long time pistons fan (from detroit) i was pisssed with them taking drummond should’ve went with austin rivers not only cause he can create shots but since we didnt take him new orleans hornets are now a power house team with him and anthony davis

  19. Kovacs95 says:

    Singler is badly in need of a haircut!

  20. blasterLA24 says:

    theyre ight y’all’,,,KOBEAST’,,,SWAG’

  21. Lighter03 says:

    DAMNNNN LMAOOO I didn’t even notice, if they both make it, that’d be a sick ass duo


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