Detroit’s Ghetto: The worst Ghetto in the USA! Facts and a tour of Dying Detroit – Detroit Video

Facts and statements about Detroit 1. Detroit is the 3rd most dangerous city to live in in the united states and flint a near by city is the 4th most dangerous criminal city in the usa. 2. 7 out of 10 murders go unsolved in the motor city. 3. There are 95000 abandon homes in Detroit and 85000 abandon businesses in Detroit. 4. Census has calculated that since 2000 to 2010 that 250000 people have left Detroit. 5. Since 1950 half of Detroit’s population has left the motor city. 6. Unemployment is up to estimated 50% in the city of Detroit. 7. Graduation rates in the D are 25%! Kids are more likely to end up in prison than finishing high school. 8. More people live in poverty than cars on the street. 9. Abandon homes in Detroit have turned into drug houses and meth labs. 10. On devils night kids go out and burn abandon buildings about 200 last year were burned down. 11. At the MacDonald’s they had bullet proof windows like at a bank and you had to pass your money through a machine. 12. Michigan is the 3rd most unemployed state in the usa. 13. Obama bailed out GM and helped create 75000 jobs but the jobs were out sourced and the people of Detroit never got to see any of those jobs. 14. Detroit looks like hurricane Katrina hit it 15. Detroit is the only place in America that you can walk around and see 30 story sky scrapers everywhere that are abandoned. This is not common in other cities. 16. Its like something you would see out of I am legend it looks like a abandoned

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  1. MrShiningTime says:

    It can’t be resolved. There are going to be many more Detroits pretty soon. Detroit is a glimpse of what happens when the economy completely tanks, and taxes dry up. The country as a whole is headed the direction of Detroit, as more jobs are shipped overseas. Unless you can somehow gainfully employ the citizens, you can’t reverse the damage. Urban areas with high population and NO jobs, means high crime. It’s this way all over the world.

  2. ukipwarrior says:

    man fucked up hahahahahah usa sucks

  3. 73126 says:

    In Switzerland a city like this are impossible! Unbelievable why the politics do nothing!

  4. caibarien71 says:

    Imagine if all the money wasted in Afganistan was invested in Detroit… just imagine.

  5. HardlineFeminist says:

    DIRTroit is a filth-ridden, hoodrat infested cesspool of street trash, the single most decrepit shit-reeking, vile subhuman welfare wastelands in all America.
    A complete and utter shithole of dead-lives, gangland thuggery and welfare black-holes that are sucking its population into abject austerity.
    What once was a prosperous jewel, today’s “Motor City” isn’t even suitable for a shithouse rat!
    Today’s DIRTroit more accurately resembles war-torn South Africa than the shining Heartland of America.

  6. MzFamouzOfftop says:

    Detroit is not a place for children , PERIOD ! ! ! Detroit needs to be tore down..& re-built , if Detroit has a natural tragic disaster the city will grow together like New Orleans ! ! ! !

  7. sjsprinterz says:

    damn i think st louis north side ghetto is pretty damn bad im pretty sure stl is in the top 5 of crime cities and people get shot all the time up there and there are a ton of abandoned buildings

  8. Caddywhompuselektrix says:

    You seriously show the worst parts of Detroit im from Grand Rapids I go there prolly 30-45 times a year Red Wings Tigers Lions Games, CONCERTS there are a blast and not once have i ever seen a stint of crime ya its in poverty and ya it needs some serious rebuilding but its not all bad

  9. meeka32ify says:

    Its the blacks fault they destroy everything, look at history, they have destroyed ever race of people smh. We need to get them out of power. They bring in drugs, they cost us our jobs, those niggers lie to us all the time. Niggers destroy that’s why we have these wars its their fault!

  10. AKan4life says:

    Dude your scaring me im going on a trip to detroit in 2 days :(

  11. Sprnklrmn says:

    No worse than Memphis.

  12. AGTLI says:

    Build a wall around the still functioning sections of the city, send in the military and clear out the holdouts in the abandoned areas and declare the areas like what is seen in the video off limits to civilians. Eventually nature will reclaim the area and life can get back to normal.

    In short do in Detroit what they’re doing in NO, just cut and run from the non-salvageable areas.

  13. missmuggledetector says:

    What they should do, is raze Detroit completely to the ground, then rebuild it and get some educated people back there.

    Truth is, when the whites left and the blacks took over, it became like this. Where blacks go, ghettos follow. Same here in the UK.

  14. TheMcQuistion says:


  15. Vengrence says:

    I think temporary fascist policies would clean up Detroit quite quickly. Law enforcement doesn’t do shit there, they’re beyond corrupt. City officials are even more corrupt.

  16. Hperman09 says:

    There is a civilian complaint board for a reason and that means If the police aren’t doing enough to fight crime, the feds will take over.

    As i said again, you can’t deploy troops unless there is an emergency like damages, floods, riots that cannot be controlled by police, and etc but they are not responsible for enforcing the law in our country. You only found them in fascist countries when troops were deployed in their own country 24/7. That’s the reason why the police force were created.

  17. budfr says:

    This is in the most powerful and developed country in the world??

  18. WestCoastSoCal says:

    84 people live here and have access to computers were they can thumbs down this vid

  19. NellaN1337 says:

    A city and country is only as good as its people. If you replace Europeans with Africans then the city with look more like Africa. It’s not rocket science, but unfortunately a lot of people find this uncomfortable to admit.

  20. civiccruiser117 says:

    well, obviously law enforcement doesnt do enough.

    If I heard right, Detroit police officers are either incredibly corrupt, busy with the many calls they probably get, scared as hell, unmotivated, or dead.

    we need some kind of military or protection service here.

  21. sCaLe2 says:

    I lived in Michigan just a short from detroit. I lived there for almost 7 months and spent some time in the city. It really looks bad and it is crazy how little people you can see walking down the streets. but it is not that bad. Except one I never thought I was in a dangerous place.
    If you walk through the city you can see the beautiful skyscrapers and imagine what a nice place detroit one was. :/


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