‘The Evil Dead’ remake: not filming in Michigan, according to Bruce Campbell’s brother

A Before the Trailer report from earlier this week appears to be erroneous.

evil dead.JPGFile photoThe poster for 1981’s “The Evil Dead,” starring Bruce Campbell.

Quick update on the remake of “The Evil Dead”: After posting a piece Tuesday crediting Before the Trailer’s report that the movie was going to film in Michigan in March, I received an email from Don Campbell, the brother of Bruce Campbell, a producer on the film, stating otherwise.

“Unfortunately, (the remake) will not be filmed in Michigan. It is scheduled to be filmed in New Zealand. I just confirmed it with Bruce,” Don wrote.

Bruce is the star of the original 1981 “Evil Dead,” directed by Sam Raimi, and filmed in Michigan and Tennessee. Both Raimi and Bruce Campbell are Detroit-area natives, and producers of the remake. The new film will be directed by Fede Alvarez for a 2013 release.

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